Hello world! Hello!

Fate has smiled upon us both and we are both now hovering around this little piece of cyberspace. Sharing in it's glow. Hello and welcome to the new M5 Games development and news blog. This is the place where, you will not only find out about our new game stretchBot, but news about the studio and pieces about the things we find interesting. We don't expect to be very formal in this space and aim to supply a large mix of content.  It could be a reflective article about the reality of being a small team spred out over a long distance, or a  mind-easing youtube video filled top 10 list of the strangest SNES creatures of all time, or even pictures of our various pets posed next to studio related things. It can all be found here and it's going to be a blast!

We are excited to be able to get the word out and start showing off stretchBot in all of it's 16 bit nostalia glory but we are also excited to communicate the character and feel of our studio. To let gamers, developers and the curious into our microcosm, for a closer view, as we tackle the engineering and creative problems that come with this work. For me personally I find it good  to vent about a particular hard physics or behaviorial programming problem and maybe someone out there will find it intersting or, better yet, maybe it will help someone in their own games. It's also good to have a place to pump out the latest screenshots and videos of new enemies, crazy levels or anything else we just finished making and are completely jazzed about. This over all will be a place that will demonstate what it is that makes us tick and how that is inspiring us to make the games we choose to make.

So thanks for stopping by this time weary web wanderer and be sure to come back because things about to get pretty interesting around here.