Purveyor of fine games with unique character, chiseled through imaginations.

Incorporated in 2016 M5 Games is a studio whose lifeblood is mixed with modern technologies. We are centred in Toronto, Ontario, but our workforce also calls Montreal and Hamilton their home. Our team, working from their various locales, is able to engage with their local game makers and most importantly the game players. We are able to connect with our friends and colleagues working in both AAA studios and various indie studios alike, giving us a broad perspective on the industry and many gaming cultures. This arrangement has also worked out well for our company as it it allows us to broaden our talent pools to include many places in Canada.

For a new game studio, M5 games has a long history. The two founders have worked on many games and projects together since before they were both teenagers. Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Jason Mansfield and Patrick Moore met in elementary school. By middle school, in between constructing rafts and three story tree forts, they started dabbling with programming and game design. For many years they focused their attentions on creating JRPGs that looked and felt like their favourite games at the time. In the late 90's the internet felt fresh as it still was in the thick of the dot com bubble. So the two enterprising adolescents also turned their attention to the emerging internet technologies and through it all picked up more advanced programming languages and techniques as their focuses broadened from just making games. This experience led them both to end up in the software and technology industry.

Flash forward, university is finished, cities have changed and their experience is continuing to grow but their hobby for making games has not diminished. By 2016 it seemed that it was the right time to begin making games for a broader market. Combining their production skills learned from years in industry and their wealth of game making experience they began planning and designing their first official title, StetchBot, and with this M5 Games was born.

With StretchBot we are entering the emerged mobile market. An important and growing market for games. This direction has allowed us, as developers, to expand our tool-sets and broaden our game design options from traditional console and PC games to the mobile touch screen arena. This will allow our studio greater release avenues and a valuable experience as the company grows and focuses on its future projects. As can be evidenced from our long and complex origin myth, we are a company that has adapted to the times and is not afraid to follow technology trends. Our company, with its vast experience and strong friendships, is confident in its future and is excited to produce a variety of gaming experiences for our fans, both old and new.

Our Team

Experienced and highly skilled our team is driven by the love of technical challenges and the immense satisfaction of creating new worlds for gamers to explore.

Co-founder, Creative Director
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