Happy Pi Day!

It's everybody's favourite constants special day (March 14th = 3/14 = 3.14 = π) and we at M5 Games are celebrating by eating pie and discussing circles. The fact of the matter is that without Pi (π) the universe that we have created for Stretch and his rebel hacker buddies would be far less interesting. Every enemy would just be moving in straight lines! There would be no circular punch attack! Actually Stretch wouldn't even be able to move because his on screen D-pad would be useless without π and the trigonometric functions that come with it.

In fact π is the only mathematical constant we use in the whole development of StretchBot. Sorry e there are no natural logarithms here! So we are quite thankful to π and think that you should take this time to learn a few things about this powerful constant ratio!

So check out some of these cool resources for the story of π and its special day!

A Brief History of π:

Official π Day organization: