The Evolution of StretchBot: Lessons Learned

So less than 3 weeks ago we released StretchBot to the mobile world and we have been blown away with the reception and feedback. We spent a lot of time polishing off the game before we finally released it but we learned that a game can always get better, games are made to evolve. We listened to the feedback our players provided and have made several updates to the game because of it.

What is fun because it's difficult and what is annoying because it's difficult?
Over the years while working on StretchBot it was easy to become numb to aspects of the game. Our team has played the game over and over again. So we take new player feedback seriously because they have a perspective we no longer can. One tidbit that came up again and again was that the first boss in the junkyard was too hard.

Players were still adjusting to the game and getting past this level was a major blocker. We took this criticism graciously and we optimized the boss. We removed some obstacles and added new behaviours that made our bosses not only easier but more fun to fight!

There are a lot of different phones out there.
We tested StretchBot on many different devices of varying sizes and shapes but you can't test it all. We are proud of the fact that we made StretchBot virtually globally accessible across all devices without any loss of experience. As it took us over 2 years to complete the game new technology never stopped being released and new phones with greater resolutions and bigger screens arrived on store shelves. A few players with these devices found that the buttons were not always in a comfortable position on the screen. This is why we are happy to introduce a new customizable controller feature in our newest update. Now players can choose where the the buttons are on their screen and the defaults are placed in more convenient spots from the get go. We think this feature will really add to the gameplay because we want our players to have a natural and immersive experience when playing StretchBot.

We learned a lot while making StretchBot and we are continuing to learn as the game makes its way onto peoples devices around the world. We are extremely thankful for all the amazing comments and suggestions we have received and we are excited to see how the game evolves with our player base. Thanks again for playing and we hope you enjoy the new features and gameplay!